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Decorate your living space with these beautiful and functional ideas to 3D print

The wild and wonderful world of 3D printing has given rise to some truly fantastic room décor ideas. Do you have a 3D printer on your hands? If so, you can now decorate your house with 3D printed items! These printers today have given many home-décor enthusiasts the ability to think of new ideas, print them out, and use them right away! Even if you don’t have this printer at home, you can send your designs or ideas to us and we will make it for you.

Either the home décor market or the home furnishing industry are examples of perfect fields to make use of additive manufacturing. Products such as vases, clocks, frames or lamps can be beautifully 3D printed without the product being restrained in design or budget. 3D printing has proven itself as a qualitative and low-cost form of production process. 3D printing opens many doors and can be applied to many different objects and ideas. For example, let’s think of a lamp which in all its aspects can be designed in a million different ways and also be personalized by one’s own taste.

Production superiority

Additive manufacturing not only reduces labor costs due to the automated process, it also removes steps in the overall production process which reduces costs and time. Another smaller advantage but crucial for companies whose mission statement is to prevent an overall negative environmental impact is the fact that additive manufacturing results into a smaller footprint on the surroundings by cutting down the amount of steps in the production process.

Personalization option

Another great advantage of additive manufacturing is the option for each customer to personalize their item. In order to create personalized products without the use of additive manufacturing, customized molds or patterns would be required which costs a lot of money and results into high lead times. 3D printing requires no molds, patterns or other expensive tooling.

  • Lamps and Shades

These home essentials are abundant in the 3D printing world. Many designs are inspired by nature.

  • Customized Lamps and Moon Lamps

Get customized lamps with your favorites memories, photographs in it. It is also a very special gift that you can give to your loved ones.

  • Vases

Vases can be 3D printed to support tall flowers or surround full sprigs of herbs. Whatever your home decorating need, these vases and untold numbers of new designs are available for you to customize to your liking.

  • Picture Frames & Lithos

If you can dream it, you can 3D print great picture frames for your home in just the right color. Have you been dying to create a perfect gallery wall but the thought of curating all of the matching or ironically mismatching frames is exhausting? Design the ultimate gallery wall on a computer and let all of your house guests observe the magic of 3D printing.

  • Wall Décor

These projects and others can be sized to fit any space in the home that needs an eye-catching conversation or art piece. The home décor options are seriously endless and we are excited to see more and more interior designers turning to 3D printing when they can’t find the perfect piece to complete their clients home.

  • Sculpture & Customized Miniatures

Identify 3D printed art that speaks to you or print your own. If the desired material isn’t affordable, many 3D materials can be painted. This historical copy is made of plastic but painted to look like bronze.

  • Key Holders

Identify 3D printed art that speaks to you or print your own. If the desired material isn’t affordable, many 3D materials can be painted. This historical copy is made of plastic.

  • Phone & laptop Stand

  • Anything you can think we can make it

Anything you can think of can be 3D printed with color of your choice, Desk organizers, Kitchen tools, Fridge décor, wall mounted, hangers anything.

For any help & assistance reach us, Email: Mobile: 09307992744

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