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Dream Craft

gift of your choice!

Dream Craft is unit of Positron Additive, focusing on  customized gifts, 3D printed gifts, home and office decors!

In today’s increasingly hurried times, we get so engrossed in making a living that we almost forget to appreciate the real blessings in our lives - our people. Whether we talk about our moms who brave countless sleepless nights after we are born or that best friend who is always by our side through thick and thin, it would be safe to say that our existence wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for our loved ones. Now is the time to let them know how you feel, without saying a word, through a range of exciting online gift ideas put together by our team of experts. 

  • Customized 3D couple twist names                     

  • Name Plates (Office)                 

  • Lithophanes

  • Figurines                                                         

  • Awards & Trophies                           

  • Idols

  • Key-chains                                                         

  • Wall Watches                     

  • Home & Office decor

  • and more...

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