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Idea to reality

Enabling professionals to create, iterate, 

prototype and manufacture faster. 

Providing the most reliable 3D Printers & 3D Printing services.

Let's make new things!

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Empowering Innovation, Embracing Additive Paradigm

Our goal is to free creativity and innovation from the technical hassle of manufacturing constraints. Together, we print things beyond what’s possible. Keeping your team laser-focused on the end goal, while we handle the rest.

Formlabs Professional 3D Printers

In 2011, three MIT graduate students built the first 3D printer that could achieve industrial, professional part quality at an affordable price. Through continuous commitment to innovation, Formlabs has become the largest supplier of professional stereolithography (SLA) and selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printers in the world.
With the vast experience in 3D Printing Industry Positron Additive has now forayed into the 3D printer business partnering with Formlabs.

Introducing the Next Generation in SLS 3D Printing: Fuse 1+ 30W for Superior Speed and High Performance Materials

Fuse 1+ 30W

Designed for maximum output and minimum waste, Fuse 1+ 30W is our compact industrial SLS 3D printer. Unlock unprecedented print speeds and material enablement to deliver truly rapid production in-house. From print setup to powder recovery, our easy-to-use hardware and software are designed to maximize your efficiency at every step of the process.

Fuse 1+.png

Professional 3D Printing Service

At Positron Additive, we provide high-quality 3D Printing, prototyping and batch manufacturing services to support your product development needs. Equipped with the latest 7 technologies and 35+ materials and finishing combinations in 3D printing.

We also provide design, consulting, and expert production advice along with our professional 3D printing service to support your growth. Positron Additive's open and flexible solutions enable players in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, automotive, aerospace, art and design, and consumer goods, to build innovative 3D printing applications that aim to make the world a better and healthier place.

How it works

3D Print Design-Cube

Step 1 : Design

Design your ideas in 3D CAD models or consult us for designing services. Share CAD models with us and we will make sure it is printable.

3D Print Design Validation

Step 2 : Validation

Upload your designs in .STL, .STP, .IGS format on our instant quote portal or fill out 3D Print request form, As per your end application and functional requirements we will assist to choose material and technology.

3D Printing

Step 3: Order & 3D Print

Add all parts you wish to get printed in our self assessment portal, select process and material requirements. On successful checkout we will print your parts.


Step 4: Dispatch

Once your order is ready, We will ship it to your doorstep or arrange to pick it up for you!

Fast and Reliable Additive Manufacturing Partner

Positron Instant Quote & Self Order Portal

Quick design validation, transparent pricing, and on-demand additive manufacturing of your parts - all from your desktop

Upload file (STL, STEP, IFS CAD Models)

Upload CAD files (STL, STP, IGS) Formats

Select 3D Printing Technology & Material

Select Technology & Material Option

Get your order delivered at your doorstep

Get Instant Quote, Checkout for order

Introducing online instant quote & on-demand manufacturing portal. Now upload your CAD files (in .STL/.STP /.IGS format) our online tool will auto repair the mesh errors. Select the technology & material option and get an instant quote for your design. Add multiple parts to cart for easy order and checkout. We will print parts and deliver at your doorstep.

Manufacturing Partner You Can Trust

Additive Manufacturing Parts

21k+ Parts


Standard quality materials


120+ Companies served

Various quality checks and inspection


Inhouse manufacturing

Experts consultation for complex 3D Printing requirements

Trusted By Innovative Leaders


Discover the wide range of 3D Printing application

In 3D printing, no special tools are required (for example, a cutting tool with certain geometry or a mold). Instead, the part is manufactured directly onto the built platform layer-by-layer, which leads to a unique set of benefits.

Right from conceptual design to end part manufacturing 3D printing has a wide range of applications in each industry.


In forms & Fits, Non-critical loading, visual prototypes. 3D printing can turn CAD designs to physical objects within some hours, which enables fast design and development cycles.


Various production enablers like jigs, fixtures, gauges, grippers, end arm of tooling, forming molds can be 3d printed easily to accelerate production and assembly cycles.


In QC & Inspection many fixtures, go-no go gauges, receiver gauges, CMM fixtures can be 3D printed to minimize inspection cycle time.


In healthcare sector surgical instruments, medical devices, prosthetic, insoles and 3D models from CT scan/MRI can be 3D printed easily for pre-surgical planning.


In electronics various fluid tight enclosures, covers, casings, connectors and for various wire harness applications 3D printing plays vital role.

End Use Parts

3D printing is tool less manufacturing, It is used for batch manufacturing of several plastic complex parts, Which has several benefits over traditional manufacturing.


E-Manufacturing Studio

Industrial designers specialized in design for additive manufacturing (DFAM)

Optimize your existing CAD designs with design for additive manufacturing to

1. Create parts with greater complexity (Topology optimization: Organic shape for improved performance)

2. Minimal material waste

3. Simplified assembly & Part Consolidation

4. Material innovation

5. Cost-effective customization (Hybrid Parts i.e 3D Printing + Traditional Manufacturing)

Get expert advice to optimize the design and with infinite generative ways possible to get the advantage of 3D printing in existing designs.

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